I want your period to NOT SUCK!  If it does, that's ok.  Let's work on that.

Peristeam Hydrotherapy

The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute is a branch of healthcare created by Steamy Chick to advance the therapeutic benefits of vaginal steam as an alternative medical science called Peristeam Hydrotherapy. The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute trains and certifies vaginal steam experts and conducts research.

Peristeam Hydrotherapy is for those with: painful or uncomfortable periods, infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, low libido, menopausal symptoms, cramps, bloating, irregular cycles and more. It is a perfect complementary therapy to western medicine, Chinese medicine or used alone as a natural means of supporting health.



Menstrual cycle analysis; including menstrual history and health, current symptoms, and life experiences that effect your reproductive health. 

Support for those experiencing frustrating unexplained infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, painful periods, irregular or absent periods, menopausal symptoms and more.

Personalized organic herbal blends based on a complete analysis of your menstrual cycle and associated symptoms.

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Menstrual Health

Most people are really bad at self-care, especially during their periods. In our modern society, we have an outrageous amount of folks experiencing pain and unpleasant symptoms during their monthy cycle.  The natural process of cleaning the uterus should not be a time of discomfort, physically or emotionally, and my hope is that I can help people go through their cycle as smoothly as possible.


Our home to yours

These gorgeous steam saunas are made my husband in his workshop in our home. Gotta love a guy who puts his handyman skills to work making wooden boxes for boiling herbs and naked bodies! You can buy your own to steam at home or have private sessions in my office near downtown Greenville.

I’m feeling fantastic! Great energy and last month’s cycle was a DREAM compared to normal! No Advil! Super light/moderate bleeding. No golf ball-sized clots!
— L, after ONE MONTH of Peristeam Hydrotherapy